Many of today’s popular modernist Christian Authors, Publishers and Printers, present in one hand credentials which deceptively portray themselves as Christ centric all the while grasping in their other hand a contract which obligates them to distribute their works through companies which are tantamount to militant Antichristian hate groups. Deliberately or unwittingly these authors become Judas Sheep. By requiring that Christians purchase their works through these Antichristian organizations authors are forcing Christians to finance organizations that are aligned with groups whose stated goal is to end Christianity. In contrast Silvanus Publishing, Inc. was founded upon the principles taught inside of the Scottish King James Holy Bible.

Our founder brings with him more than twenty-two years experience as a high-level consultant, throughout the International Community, with entrepreneurs in the nascent stages of their businesses. Pursuing interests, within the Industries of alternative medicine, technology, entertainment, and manufacturing. In addition to providing advanced planning solutions, Paul has assisted with the founding and capitalization of several American corporations, as well as three overseas commercial organizations, within Europe, Asia, and Africa. Drawing from that experience, Paul has participated in raising more than $700 million in capital through various investment vehicles, such as private equity, debt equity, and reverse mergers through aged companies. Throughout his career, Paul has worked with award winning Hollywood writers and producers, billionaire hi-tech innovators, entertainers, professional athletes, and a myriad of other personalities.

Paul is an accomplished executive who adheres to traditional Christian values. It’s been his life experiences coupled with his success as an executive and ardent proponent of Christ which has garnered Paul a vantage of the deceptions being perpetrated against Christian America, crimes which have been overlooked for generations by the majority. Paul demonstrates his elevated insight throughout his new book Freud’s Mafia: Sigmund Freud’s Crimes Against Christianityâ„¢ which offers: (i) A frank, unapologetic appraisal of Christian Americas threat level; (ii) The Human Exploitation Psychology principles employed by militant anti-Christians; (iii) the preferred destabilization methods of militant anti-Christians; (iiii) Knowledge which will allow readers to become skilled at identifying militant anti-Christians in their personal life as well as how to avoid becoming a victim.



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