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Paul of the Scottish Boggs Family is a Christian, husband, father to five children and descendant of the Christian Dál Riata in Scotland, an ancient Gaelic Irish colony credited with bringing Christianity and literature to Scotland c.500 A.D. For the past twenty-two years Paul has worked as a high-level consultant, throughout the International Community, with entrepreneurs in the nascent stages of their businesses. It was during this time span that he pursued interests, within the Industries of technology, risk capital, alternative medicine, entertainment, and manufacturing. In addition to providing advanced planning solutions, Paul has assisted with the founding and capitalization of several American corporations, as well as three overseas commercial organizations, within Europe, Asia, and Africa. Drawing from that experience, Paul has participated in raising more than $700 million in capital through various investment vehicles, such as private equity, debt equity, and reverse mergers through ‘aged’ companies. Throughout his career, Paul has worked with award winning Hollywood writers and producers, billionaire hi-tech innovators, entertainers, professional athletes, and a myriad of other personalities.

What has always inspired Paul, throughout his career, are the goals which he has set for himself as a leader. Paul has always subscribed to the belief that leadership has much more to do with the impact one is able to make in people’s lives, rather than the fleeting objectives of material gain and personal advancement. Paul believes that God has blessed each of us with the gift of a multifaceted world, extending further than many want to imagine. What’s more, Paul believes that God has blessed each of us with varying degrees of success throughout our lives, and that these accomplishments provide us with an opportunity to step outside of our own world and experience the profound mosaic of humanity that many of us take for granted.

Much like in his previous ventures, Paul understands the importunity of his message throughout his book titled, Freud’s Mafia: Sigmund Freud’s Crimes Against Christianity, which he has dedicated to the more than two hundred and forty million Christians living throughout America, may be unpopular to some, mainly because it invokes culturally insensitive initiatives, and puts forth provocative strategies. Nevertheless, Paul unabashedly addresses the moral and spiritual gaps between modern day Christian values and behaviors, and asks that the Christian American majority face up to some very tough realities. A central theme in Paul’s writing is that Christianity can compete in the marketplace of ideas when it’s properly understood and properly articulated.


Do you have an audience that’s interested in learning spiritual and physical self defense techniques? To inquire about availability, contact Paul at one of the links below. To find an upcoming book event near you, visit Paul’s author page at Paul is a forensic historian, researching and lecturing on issues pertaining to Christianity and false worldview philosophies. In this capacity, Paul has posted thousands of articles on his website and has published five books on the aforesaid subjects. You can contact Paul here:

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