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Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Ran CIA Child Trafficking Ring?

by Lisa Phillips, Alleged Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, ran a drug running and child trafficking company – making millions of dollars in the process – according to explosive new evidence that threatens to disrupt the official narrative and prove law enforcement and mainstream media are colluding to misinform the public...
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Why Is Las Vegas Coroner’s Office On Lockdown?

Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub - October 18, 2017 (INTELLIHUB) — The Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner (CCOCME) is currently on lockdown and has been since the Oct. 1 massacre. Footage obtained by Crowdsource the Truth’s Jason Goodman on Wednesday reveals the facility is being guarded by multiple police...
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Jesus Returns: Mandalay Bay Security Guard Emerges on ‘Ellen’

| - October 18, 2017 Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos reappeared days after going missing, surfacing Wednesday for an interview on, of all places, the daytime show ‘Ellen.’ Campos appeared alongside Mandalay Bay building engineer Stephen Schuck in a pre-taped interview answering questions...
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