President Trump on violent crime in US: ‘What the hell is going on in Chicago?’

By Jesse Kirsch, ABC 7, 12/15/2017

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While discussing violent crime in America at the FBI National Academy Friday morning, President Trump asked, “What the hell is going on in Chicago?”

“In the last two years, America has seen a tragic rise in violent crime. In 2015 and 2016, we witnessed the steepest two-year consecutive increase in murders in nearly half a century,” Trump said, before adding, “And you look at what’s going on… Chicago, what the hell is going on in Chicago? What the hell is happening there?”

After brief applause, the president continued, “For the second year in a row, a person was shot in Chicago every three hours.”

There were 4,331 shooting victims in Chicago last year, according to the Chicago Police Department. That makes for an average of roughly 11.9 shooting victims per day. That means on average, a person was shot approximately every two hours in 2016. The president’s estimate was slightly low.

Trump then returned focus to the law enforcement officials in the audience.

“You don’t think these people in this room can stop that? They’d stop that. They’d stop it…. Police departments are overstretched, they’re underfunded, and they’re totally under appreciated, except by me,” he said.

ABC 7 Eyewitness News will have more on this story later on Friday.

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