Judge Presiding Over Fusion GPS Case Richard Leon, Friends With John Podesta

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Well, there goes a fair trial. The Podesta family has an interest in the Fusion GPS case going away and it just so happens that John Podesta, as of 2008, was teaching a course with Judge Richard Leon on congressional investigations since 1996 at Georgetown University Law Center. John Podesta graduated from that institution in 1976.

The course entitled “Congressional Investigations Seminar” deals with “Congress’ powers to conduct oversight and investigations of the Executive branch. This seminar will cover the scope of Congressional inquiries and investigations, Congress’ subpoena powers, grant of immunity powers as well as hearing and rulemaking powers, the use of select committees, the GAO, and other special investigative techniques. The course will examine the use of prehearing depositions, rights of witnesses, preparation of witnesses, the role of the press and the interaction between Congress and prosecutorial functions including investigations conducted by special and independent counsel statute.”


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