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Facebook and Twitter Received Major Investments From Firm Linked To Russian-Owned Corporations


Facebook and Twitter received major investments from a firm with ties to Kremlin-owned corporations, a new trove of confidential documents revealed.

That cache of confidential documents called the Paradise Papers was obtained by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The...

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Shadow Gov’t Murders Survivors of Las Vegas Shooting Dennis and Lorraine Carver

"Hackers 'Take Control & Crash' SUV From Their Sofa 10 Miles Away" (read more)

Fox News - October 30, 2017

A husband and wife from California who survived the mass shooting at a Las Vegas country music festival have since died in an auto crash a...

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Vegas Coverup Collapsing — Sheriff Joe Lombardo, May Be In Danger

Image Credits: Getty.

Infowars.com - October 15, 2017 Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo has given several press conferences since the Mandalay Bay massacre to share what investigators have uncovered as the investigation progresses. But as inconsistencies in the Las Vegas massacre narrative have begun to surface, such as reports...
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