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Rep. Gaetz: ‘We Are at Risk of a Coup d’Etat in This Country’ Unless Mueller Resigns or is Fired

CNS News - November 10, 2017 House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called on Special Counsel Robert Mueller — who is investigating alleged Russian collusion with the Trump 2016 campaign — to resign because there is an apparent conflict of interest involving Mueller and an alleged campaign to undermine the president and force him...
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Robert Mueller, CIA Dir. Brennan, Sen. Chuck Schumer & Clinton Ties To Turkish Muslim Cleric Gulen

“When the Turkish authorities gave the orders for these deportations, they were merely giving the death warrant to a whole race [Christians]; they understood this well, and in their conversations with me, they made no particular attempt to conceal the fact.”- Henry Morganthau Sr., American Ambassador (1913-1916)
by Sibel Edmonds, NewsBud General Michael Flynn,...
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Facebook and Twitter Received Major Investments From Firm Linked To Russian-Owned Corporations


Facebook and Twitter received major investments from a firm with ties to Kremlin-owned corporations, a new trove of confidential documents revealed.

That cache of confidential documents called the Paradise Papers was obtained by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The...

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