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Russell Simmons scandal: NYPD investigates allegations as he mounts #NotMe defense

, USA TODAY, 12/15/2017

The New York police say they are looking into a flurry of allegations of sexual misconduct against music mogul Russell Simmons.

"The NYPD has received information regarding allegations involving Russell Simmons in the NYC area and our detectives are in...

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MINNESOTA: Senator Dan Schoen, Who Accused Trump of Sexual Assault, Busted For Sexual Harassment

Image Credits: Wiki.

Got News - November 9, 2017 Multiple women are accusing anti-Trump Minnesota State Senator Dan Schoen of sexual harassment, according to the MinnPost. The allegations range from unwanted sexual touching to unsolicited sexting. Two of Schoen’s public accusers are fellow liberal politicians. Curiously, Schoen, a...
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HOLLYWOOD: Irish American Actress Rose McGowan, Satanist, MK-Ultra Sex-Slave, Blood Sacrifice?

by Silvanus Publishing, Inc., October 31, 2017 Hollywood’s history of sacrificing Irish and Scottish American’s began 105 years ago with the murder of its founder and this author’s cousin, Scottish American Motion picture pioneer Francis Boggs, [left] sacrificed 10/27/1911. Francis is credited with creating what...
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